The idea of Bare Beef tees came about from several compliments  and conversations shared  with friends, followers and admirers regarding my artwork. It was our collective belief that there was a community out there that would both enjoy and appreciate fantasy images of bear and leather men on quality tees and tank shirts.  The Bare Beef artwork is inspired from images of men from all walks of life– found in both the bear and leather genres– as well as a few of our own wet dreams.

We wanted all of the Bare Beef fans to have something to  express what types of guy they really like!! what really got them going! Turned on!The interest in the Bare Beef line of tees has been phenomenal… the website had not even been published and we had guys already wondering when and where they could get one of each of our Bare Beef tees…and that to us is truly the absolutely best of compliments!!

We are launching our Bare Beef line of tees with the six images you’ll see currently displayed on the website, but there are certainly a lot more ready to come and those will be released shortly after the initial launch. As we continue to grow we will also launch other items such as hats, underwear, swimwear, accessories… etc so follow us and you’ll be in the know about what, where, and when those extras Bare Beef products will become available.Thanks again to all of you!

Big Bare Hugs to you all from the whole Bare Beef Team


Al Bare